MID-BACK - Thoracic Spine, Rhomboids


  1. Lie down flat on the floor or mat, face up.
  2. Bend your legs and position your feet for overall stability.
  3. Raise your shoulders and head up like a sit up and position the roller under your shoulders.
  4. Cross your arms over each other in front of your chest and roll slightly to one side to massage into each side of the spine.
  5. Keep your head and neck aligned with your torso.
  6. Raise your hips up so that your thighs and torso are aligned straight.
  7. Take little steps with your feet to reposition the roller to your mid-back.
  8. Then take little steps with your feet, moving the roller back and forth along the rhomboids.
  9. Perform approximately 10 complete rolls (back and forth).